An intraocular lens for far distance focus for one selected distance.

Monofocal IOLs are a popular and effective option for patients undergoing cataract surgery. They can provide clear vision at a single distance, typically set to distance vision, which can significantly improve overall quality of life.

While patients may still require glasses or contact lenses for other distances, monofocal IOLs offer a predictable solution for restoring clear vision and helping you see the world with greater clarity.

Monofocal Lens Features

cataract surgery options lens

Fixed Focus

Clear vision for far distance vision.

cataract surgery iol options

Long-term Results

Safe and effective general improved vision.

cataract surgery best lens

Proven Track Record

Used successfully for decades for reliable and effective vision correction.

MonoFocal lenses


360 °continuous square edge intraocular lenses with excellent biocompatibility and purity of acrylic material based on relevant ISO standards.


Providing excellent day and night vision quality for you via state-of-the-art aberration-free IOL Aspheric optical design.


A premium monofocal Aspheric toric IOL that both restores cataract-impaired vision, and also corrects pre-existing refractive astigmatism.


An aspheric toric IOL with cylinder 1, designed to restore and improve astigmatism.

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clearer vision.

An intraocular lens for far distance focus for one selected distance.

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